The National Labor Exchange (NLx)

The Power of the NLx

The National Labor Exchange (NLx) partnership operates the only nonprofit national online labor exchange system in the United States. Formed between employers and state workforce agencies, the NLx collects and distributes job openings exclusively found on corporate career websites, state job banks and the federal government.

NLx - 10 Year Anniversary
NLx - 10 Year Anniversary
Current Employer Count:
Daily Job Count:
2.4 million
Total Job Count:
75 million

How it works

How it works

  1. Jobs are collected from authentic sources—no duplicates or scams
  2. Jobs are refreshed and provided daily to government/nonprofit sites—no dead links
  3. Jobs are made available to job seekers

Regardless of where a job seeker discovers an NLx job opening, they will be returned to the point of origin: either the corporate careers website or the state job bank.

No Cost Partnership Benefits



  • Increase job seeker traffic while keeping brand prominence
  • List job openings with state, federal and nonprofit portals—access their diverse talent pipelines
  • Connect with state workforce development employer services
  • Automate daily delivery to career one stop offices and state job banks to comply with §4212 / VEVRAA regulations*

*Reporting available with DirectEmployers Association membership

State Workforce Agencies

State Workforce Agencies*

  • Provide high quality openings to state job banks
  • Help employers meet recruitment goals
  • Reach more job seekers and accelerate time to re-employment

*All 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam participate


Federal Government & NonProfits*

  • Offer job seekers access to millions of quality job postings
  • Help employers meet recruitment goals
  • Connect job seekers to the public workforce development system

*Federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, diversity and disability partners and Veteran Service Organizations participate

Job Seekers

Job Seekers

  • Access over 2.1 million real jobs per day from multiple sites
  • Explore unique job postings—no duplicates, no dead links
  • Discover a wide range of positions, from entry to executive level

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